Frequently Asked Question

Millions of people around the world have already made nTrade the place where their dream happens.

nTrade offers trusted, convenient and user-friendly investment trading services. It is a brand owned by Neurogine Capital (L) Ltd LL15607 and refers to an investment trading platform operated by Neurogine Capital.

Neurogine Capital is part of Neurogine Group and regulated by Labuan Financial Services Authority (FSA). It is licensed to operate as a money br oker (License Number: MB/19/0033). It currently has presence at Neurogine @ Regus, 14(B) & 14(C) Level 14, Main Office Tower, Financial Park Labuan Complex, Jalan Merdeka 87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia and Neurogine @ 10 Boulevard, B-3A-16, Block Bougainvillea, 10 Boulevard, PJU 6A, Sprint Highway, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.

nTrade refers to crypto currencies and fiat currencies as digital assets. As of Feb 20, 2020, the following fiat assets are available on nTrade by default (in alphabetical order):
BTC Bitcoin EUR Euro Dollar
ETH Ethereum RMB China Renminbi
LTC LiteCoin SGD Singapore Dollar
USDT Tether USD US Dollar
XRP Ripple    
Please check with nTrade to find updates about this list.

When you make a wire/ telegraphic transfer, it may take a few days for your funds to be banked into your nTrade account. We will acknowledge and update your account as soon as the transfer is completed - and we’ll send you an email notification to inform you. The information below shows how long it takes to allocate deposits in your country.
(in alphabetical order)
Expected transfer duration
EUR € Next working day
RMB ¥ Next working day
SGD S$ Next working day
USD US$ Next working day
This period varies and will depend on your bank.
  • Please note wire/ telegraphic transfers and Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transfers are not processed on weekends or public holidays.
  • Kindly ensure you retain the unique reference number/ transfer receipt of the wire/ telegraphic transfers after you have made such a transfer to nTrade.
  • nTrade does not accept wire/ telegraphic transfers from third-parties in your name i.e. all wire/ telegraphic transfers must be made in your own name (or company’s name) which has undergone a KYC-check and verified by nTrade.

Yes. When requesting a local currency withdrawal from nTrade, please ensure your bank account details are up-to-date and the bank account which you are requesting to withdraw is either your own personal bank account or company account which has been registered with nTrade during your KYC-check. Here’s the link to our nTrade Withdrawal Request form:

Withdrawals are wire/ telegraphic transferred to your account, subject to your respective bank’s processes and beyond our control.

We’ll send you an email notification when we’ve wire/ telegraphic transferred to your account.

  • Withdrawals to a bank account under your name

    Withdrawal are directed to your pre-registered and approved bank account. This is the most simplest and direct method. We advise nTrade account holders to deposit from and withdraw their money back to their bank account which was registered and approved during the opening of their nTrade account application to avoid withdrawal delays.

  • Withdrawals to a bank account NOT under your name

    You can authorise withdrawals to another bank account which is not under your name. As a safeguard measure, every such withdrawal is subjected to our AML process before such a withdrawal can be authorised.

  • How can nTrade help in the event of an issue?

    We can provide our bank wire/ telegraphic transfer slip to a bank account under your name or a bank account not under your name which you have authorised as proof of payment. If these withdrawals are not reflected, you must take this matter with your respective bank.

    If a withdrawal is not reflecting correctly, please feel free to contact us.

Every nTrade withdrawal is processed automatically. However, please take note withdrawal duration depends on your respective bank and country. Here’s a projected withdrawal release duration to help:
Withdrawal cut-off time Withdrawal release time
11:00 Within 4 Working Days
14:00 Within 4 Working Days
14:00 Within 4 Working Days
10:00 Within 4 Working Days
Digital Asset
Withdrawal cut-off time Withdrawal release time
10:00 Next working day
10:00 Next working day
10:00 Next working day
The times indicated above refer to local times. nTrade withdrawals are processed on business days from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

There is no deposit limit. However, per withdrawal request is up to USD 100,000. Multiple requests are possible. For latest info, please refer to our Account Manager. The terms above may vary from time to time.

There is are NO fees incurred when depositing or transferring funds to your nTrade account via wire/ telegraphic transfer, Automatic Clearing House (ACH), etc. However you may be subjected to bank transfer charges and that you are responsible for the bank transfer charges i.e. borne by you.

Our smart routing price improvement most likely be able offset or partly offset the total fees altogether making our platform the most competitive platform in the market. For latest info, please refer to our Account Manager. The terms above may vary from time to time.

Yes. You can cash out and choose nTrade’s default currencies like USD, SGD, EUR and RMB. You can cash out and wire/ telegraphic transfer to your own registered bank account or an approved and known third-party bank account.

While nTrade withdrawals are in USD by default, nTrade is flexible enough to cater withdrawals in other currencies (subject to market FOREX rates):
Tier Withdrawal (USD) Withdrawal Fee (USD)
1 Less than USD 100,000 Flat fee of USD 50 per withdrawal
2 Above USD 100,000 0.12% of withdrawal sum
Per withdrawal for non fiat:
Tier Digital Asset Withdrawal Fee (Digital Asset)
1 BTC 0.0006 BTC
2 ETH 0.010 ETH
3 USD-T 2.00 USD-T
For others, please refer to the account manager. The terms above may vary from time to time.

Yes! You can provide many wallet addresses for each cryptocurrency you choose that is a part of nTrade. As a safeguard measure to protect you, we will conduct KYC-checks to authenticate the validity of those wallets. This option offers great flexibility and immense convenience for traders like you.

Yes. We make use of custodial services provided by trusted, secure third parties like Prime Trust LLC. Upon the completion of any trade, your digital assets/ cryptos are transferred to your pre-registered designated hot wallet or cold wallet, or may even be converted to fiat and withdrawn via wire/ telegraphic transfer to your pre-registered designated bank account or other bank accounts. Your digital assets/ crypto trading is safe in nTrade.

Yes. There is a Know Your Customer (KYC)/ Anti Money Laundering (AML) process when you register or when you wish to send any crypto outside nTrade or to another nTrade account holder/ trader.

Yes! It is preferable that you have your own bank account in order to use nTrade. When you complete the application form, you will need to show proof of your bank account and that you are the authorised signatory, as part of the KYC/ AML information.

Yes. We will levy a low administrative processing fee which will enable you to send your cryptocurrencies outside our nTrade system. Please refer to the withdrawal fee section for the charges