Terms of Use

Important notice about investment trading and money broking
  • Digital currencies/assets recognised by Neurogine Capital is available for trade on nTrade. However, digital currencies/assets, unlike fiat currencies, are not national currencies and its value are not guaranteed neither by a particular nation nor company/ people. Neurogine Capital does not guarantee the value of any digital currency.
  • There may be a possibility that Neurogine Capital nTrade™ account holders could incur losses due to value fluctuations of the fiat or digital currency being traded.
  • There may be a possibility that Neurogine Capital nTrade™ account holders may not be able to issue buy or sell trade orders due to whatsoever reasons and that such trading orders may be temporarily suspended in the event of sudden market fluctuations, reduced liquidity or other situations.
  • There may be a possibility the processing of trade orders are delayed, or placement, execution, confirmation and cancellation of trade orders invalidated due to a failure in nTrade™ or the communication linking nTrade™ with DeFi exchanges or nTrade™ with nTrade™ account holders.
  • There may be a possibility that digital currencies/assets could be will be lost in whole or in part due to a cyber-attack or other such causes.
  • There may be a possibility that Neurogine Capital may not continue its business due to external environment changes (e.g. tightening of regulations for investment trading, money broking, etc), deteriorating financial condition, etc. If Neurogine Capital falls into bankruptcy, Neurogine Capital may not be able to return assets (fiat currencies, digital currencies/assets) to its account holders and there is a possibility that Neurogine Capital nTrade ™ account holders may incur losses.
  • Neurogine Capital may directly or indirectly receive fiat currencies or digital currencies as compensation.
  • Fiat currencies and digital currencies/assets deposited by nTrade™ account holders are managed separately from Neurogine Capital’s fiat currencies and digital currencies.
    • Fiat Currencies:
      nTrade’s account holder’s trading account at held in trust by PrimeTrust at PrimeTrust Financial Federal Credit Union, 3700 West Bethel Avenue, Muncie IN 47304 USA.
    • Digital Currencies/Assets:
      Digital currencies/assets can be deposited, transferred or withdrawn to an approved hot wallet i.e. a digital wallet which is connected to the Internet or other external networks OR an approved cold wallet i.e. devices which are disconnected from the Internet or other external networks, in a manner that each and every amount is immediately recognisable.